Neuer Wiener Diwan (NWD) was founded in 2007 as a non-profit arts and culture society. NWD started with the aim to introduce Austrian and Turkish literatures in each respective country as well as to realize bilateral literature-projects. For this purpose, it facilitated book translations, author exchange programs and literary seminars.

Neuer Wiener Diwan has been also initiating projects, following the interests of its members, in diverse fields of arts and social sciences. While organizing events in the fields of cinema, photography, music and painting NWD also arranges conferences where invited experts and researchers present their latest works; such conferences include topics which are generally not included in mainstream discussions.

NWD performs its activities in German, Turkish or English; nearly all are free-of-charge.

Our Perspective

Neuer Wiener Diwan puts intercultural dialogue at the center of its projects. Believing that each segment of Austrian society has something to learn from other ones, NWD aims to produce projects that will motivate mutual interaction, contributing to a corresponding enrichment. NWD believes that diversity would create an environment for new and creative products. It aims to create projects where art, social sciences and activism intersect and contribute to the expansion of such environment.

Our Future Targets

In coming years Neuer Wiener Diwan plans to organize events by entering into new institutional collaborations. With international projects it aims to offer new platforms to artists and researchers living in Austria. NWD also aims to bring international artists, writers, thinkers, researchers and activists together in the cultural environment of Vienna.

Our Cooperation Partners

Brunnenpassage / Alte Schmiede / VHS Wiener Urania / Amerlinghaus / Orientalistik, Turkologie / Kultur im Alsergrund / ÖGB / Hauptbibliothek Wien / Wienbibliothek im Rathaus / Mekan 68 / C3 – Centrum für Internationale Entwicklung / Kulturforum Istanbul / Saha Istanbul / YKY Istanbul / Turkuaz Verlag Istanbul / Express Magazine / SAHA / Soho Studios – Soho in Ottakring / D Arts / Queer Museum Vienna