Romani Music: Creativity and Stigma – Concert & Lecture, 26.5.2024, 18:00, Brunnenpassage

Roma and Sinti have significantly shaped the Eastern European music landscape. Multiple migrations, often forced by harassment, persecution and prejudice, have simultaneously expanded and multiplied the musical repertoire. There is neither one worldwide nor one pan-European `Roma music‘.

On this evening, Professor Carol Silverman will give an introductory lecture, followed by a concert by the Vienna-based band Balkanix. Silverman is a cultural anthropologist and folklorist and has been involved with the music and culture of the Balkans for over 40 years as a researcher, teacher, activist and performer. She focuses on Bulgaria and Macedonia as well as Roma and Sinti who have emigrated from the Balkans to North America and Western Europe and explores the relationships between politics, ethnicity, rituals, music and gender.

The band Balkanix, based in Vienna, is composed of stellar Romani musicians from Eastern Europe: Adrian Gaspar (Romania, keyboard), Erhan Mamudoski (North Macedonia, saxophone, clarinet), Lubomir Gaspar (Slovakia, cymbalom), Valentino Osmani (Kosovo, electric guitar), and Erdzan Paunovic (Serbia, vocals, drums).

The language of the presentation is English. For simultaneous translation from English to German with headphones, please email: Participation in the event is free of charge!

An event of the Neuer Wiener Diwan in cooperation with the Brunnenpassage.

Time & Location: 26.05.2024, 18:00 – Brunnenpassage, Brunnengasse 71 / Yppenplatz
1160 Wien

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